Creating prosperity for the new era

  • Integrate Japan’s competitive assets with the growth of emerging countries
  • Creating new value by consolidating strategy Consulting (knowledge), Investment (finance) and Managerial talent (human capital)
  • Initiating growth in new business fields (no one has done or accomplished)

Derive impact from co-growth philosophy

  • Devotion to the highest standards of integrity

Leave a legacy for the next generation

  • Mission-driven and skilled successors set to be active on a global scale


Creating new value in emerging countries/new business fields by consolidating strategy Consulting (knowledge), Investment (finance) and Managerial talent (human capital).

  • Create an environment that encourages diligence and promotes professional growth, to benefit the society
  • Create a sustainable and professional model / organization that will last for 100 years
  • Develop leaders in emerging countries and new business fields


1.Enjoy your work/ Working proactively

  • Always be positive.. Be interested in what you do and commit yourself to the new challenges, for the world, for the benefit of the society. Do what you want to do rather than going through the motion to get it done.
    Challenge yourself to new things. Realize what others have not done. Create opportunities yourself and grow with those opportunities.

2.Client comes First

  • Do your utmost for our clients. Always challenge yourself to exceed expectations. Expectations can be exceeded through derived Insights that create impact which leads to trust from the clients. Create lifelong connections that will fuel your growth and assets.

3.Professionalism and Integrity

  • Be professional. Take responsibility for your growth and have professional integrity.


  • Have a spirit that never give ups until you achieve success.

5.Ambition. Challenge new thing. Open new frontier.

  • Do your best for emerging countries, to lead to a better world. Challenge something no one has done.

6.Mutual Respect

  • Have mutual respect with colleagues. Improve together through collaboration and maximize the power of teamwork

7.Happiness for yourself and family

  • Contribute to the world and realize eternal youth.


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AAIC Holdings CEO / Representative Partner
Susumu Tsubaki
AAIC Holdings CEO / Representative Partner
Susumu Tsubaki

Susumu Tsubaki is a Representative Partner (Singapore) of AAIC Holdings. Prior to founding Pan Asia Partners (now AAIC), Tsubaki was a Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he developed his vast professional skills and network at the Tokyo and San Francisco offices (’91-’06). At BCG, Tsubaki worked closely with clients in a wide range of industries with a special emphasis on high-tech, telecommunications, IT, entertainment content and consumer goods. Tsubaki established Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd (now AAIC) in 2008.
Associate Dean, Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneur Course,
Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business ( Business Breakthrough University) Professor
Tsubaki holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from The University of Tokyo.

Hideya Tanaka
Hideya Tanaka

Hideya Tanaka is a Partner (Shanghai) of AAIC. Prior to co-founding Pan Asia Partners (now AAIC) , Tanaka served as an expert in China business development at Recruit Co. Ltd., (the #1 ad media group in Japan), being engaged in ad media businesses (for real estate, weddings, and restaurants), and HR business. Tanaka spent six years developing three profitable businesses (with 300+ employees) at three mega cities in China where he tested and solved vast management problems associated with China business development ranging from regulatory, strategy, marketing, employment, finance to legal affairs. Tanaka served as a general manager of marketing, business development, business administration at Recruit Co., Ltd, and director of the board and senior vice president at China Recruit Group. At AAIC, Tanaka has engaged in dozen of projects which support business development in China for Japanese manufacturers, real estate companies, IT companies, and service providers.
Tanaka holds a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce from Waseda University.

AAIC Japan CEO/Partner
Shohei Namba
AAIC Japan CEO/Partner
Shohei Namba

Shohei Namba is a Partner of AAIC. Prior to joining Pan Asia Partners (now AAIC) , Namba worked as a manager at the Platform Department at GREE, Inc., one of the largest global social gaming companies. Namba led various global projects mainly in monetization areas in Tokyo and the U.S. such as post-merger integration (PMI) of global gaming platform, global research of financial regulation and tax systems, business development and implementation of payment functions, sales KPI design and various sales promotion campaigns. Namba also served as a BPR consultant in IBM Japan, Ltd. and is experienced in multi-country projects such as business transformation for trading companies, renovation of production management system for steel companies and establishment of offshore centers that included an assignment at IBM India Pte., Ltd.
Namba holds a Master of Science (in Science and Engineering) from Keio University.

Shigeru Handa
Shigeru Handa

At the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (now called the Japan International Cooperation Agency), Handa handled aspects of large-scale socio-economic infrastructure funding projects in Central and South America ranging from project reviews to case management, and was also involved in regional development in Peru and Guatemala. At The Boston Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Handa revamped portfolios of major trading companies. In the establishment of Natural Lawson (Lawson), Handa held the roles of Director of Human Resources and Managing Director of Marketing. For about 8 years since 2007, he has been responsible for aspects of reconstruction support ranging from procuring funds for infrastructure development to implementing projects for the Iraq office of the United Nations Development Programme. He has also been in charge of driving operations and developing capabilities through monitoring loans in yen and formulating private sector development strategy together with the advisory agency for the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office. Since January 2008, he has also served as United Nations Development Programme Team Leader in Amman.
Handa graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University and obtained a Master’s in Public Administration and Accounting from the University of Southern California.


Yoshiyuki Sato
Yoshiyuki Sato

Yoshiyuki Sato is a Senior Advisor (Africa Representative) of AAIC. Sato worked at a Japanese fiber company in Kenya from 1966 to 1970. In 1974, he established Kenya Nuts Company, and over 35 years he built it into Kenya’s largest nuts company. The company’s main business is the manufacture, processing, and sale of macadamia nuts, and the production of chocolates, wine, and coffee, and has net sales of 50 million USD and more than 4,000 employees. In 2008, he established a public sanitation company in Rwanda utilizing the features of bacteria Organic Solutions Rwanda.
Sato graduated from the Indian and Pakistani Languages Department at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies with a degree in Linguistics and studied at the University of Ghana.

Kazunari Uchida
Kazunari Uchida

Professor, Waseda University Business School
Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Keio University.
After working for Japan Airlines, joined Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 1985.
After working as a senior vice president of the company, he served as the BCG Japan representative from 2000 to 2004.
In 2006, he was selected as one of the “25 leading consultants in the world”.
Professor at Waseda University since 2006.
In addition to teaching competitive strategy theory and leadership theory at business schools, lectures at executive programs and
Also conducts corporate leadership training.
His books include Hypothetical Thinking, Controversial Thinking, Right Brain Thinking (toyo Keizai Shinposha), and Game Changer Competitive Strategy (edited).
There are “Inter-competition strategy” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.), “Sparking Thinking” (KADOKAWA), “Professional Intellectual Production Technique” (PHP Research Institute). "

Masayuki Tamagawa
Masayuki Tamagawa

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Finance in 81. Director of Planning and Research Office for International Affairs, Financial Planning Bureau, Deputy Director of Monetary and Financial Systems Bureau, International Monetary Fund (IMF),
Director of International Affairs and Planning Division, NTA, Director of Sapporo Tax Bureau, Director of Budget Development Management System, Asian Development Bank (ADB),
Deputy Head of Finance, Japan Tobacco Inc., Head of Asia Representative Office of African Development Bank (AfDB),
Previously served as director of the Kanto Shinetsu National Tax Appeals Office.
Currently a specially appointed professor and managing director of Kogakuin University
Bachelor of Law, University of Tokyo, Department of Political Economy and Philosophy, University of Oxford

Susumu Nakajima
Susumu Nakajima

Susumu Nakajima is a Senior Advisor of AAIC. Nakajima has engaged in management of general electronic manufacturers mainly in Japan and China for over 30 years. Nakajima served in several senior positions such as Special Advisor at Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. (2012–), President at Panasonic Corporation of China (2005–2008), Manager of the overseas sales division and Director at Panasonic, Executive Director at Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd.
Nakajima holds a Bachelor of Arts ( in Economics) from Osaka University.

Isamu Ochiai
Isamu Ochiai

Isamu Ochiai is a Senior Advisor of AAIC. Ochiai served as Corporate Officer at Lawson, Inc. and President at Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd. At Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd., he led the company to become profitable as President, and the number of shops increased 2.5-fold. Ochiai also has built a good relationship with local Chinese/China-based clients and gained their trust. Ochiai has more than 30 years of experience in the retail industry.

Company Information

Founded March, 2008
Business overview 1 Nurturing investments in emerging countries
2 Consulting and M&A
3 Management outsourcing / human capital


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